Zaahn Mood Maker: how to stay cool this summer with the Ultra Chill

Zaahn Mood Maker: How to beat the heat with the Ultra Chill

So far, it’s safe to say, the British summer has lived up to its reputation of unsettled and unpredictable weather. Yet, with temperatures set to rise, now’s a good time to make sure you’re equipped for the heat.

That’s where we come in... we’ve got just what you need to keep cool, calm and collected, when those hot and sticky summer days finally show up.

Meet the season’s multi-talented gadget

This summer create your own personal chill zone with the Zaahn Mood Maker - Ultra Chill. Its evaporative cooling technology quickly and quietly cools the air around you–so you feel comfortable all day long.  Whether you’re cooling off a large living space or turning down the heat ready for a restful night’s sleep, it’s ideal for keeping every room of your home at a bearable temperature.

But one of its many talents is that you can take it anywhere. Its compact size means you can even enjoy a quick cool-me-down at the office – it’s the perfect summer desk buddy.  So, if you need to upgrade your old fan, or simply want a smart gadget to help beat the heat, here’s how Zaahn can help you stay Ultra Chill this summer.

Space-Saving Design

The Zaahn Mood Maker - Ultra Chill's compact design (17cm high) means it’s easily transportable. From your home to your desk, simply fill it up, turn it on and you’ll instantly have your own personal cooling zone – wherever your day takes you. What’s more, the gadget has a sleek and modern style, so it will look stylish in any room.

Evaporative Cooling

Looking to cut down cooling costs? The Zaahn Mood Maker - Ultra Chill evaporative cooler converts liquid into vapor using only the thermal energy in the air, resulting in a lower air temperature. An evaporative cooler is best used in a dry climate.

Ultrasonic Technology

The Zaahn Mood Maker - Ultra Chill also acts as a humidifier and features ultrasonic technology. The humidifier silently infuses the space around you with moisture, so you breathe in clean, crisp air. Scroll down to learn more about this feature.

Improved Air Quality

Negatively charged mist attracts positively charged dust particles. This means the bonded mist and dust particles become too heavy to remain airborne, and as a result, the reduction in dust particles improves air quality.

A year-round wonder gadget

Not only a great personal cooler, but The Zaahn Mood Maker - Ultra Chill is also an excellent humidifier that can be used all year-round.  When the winter months arrive and the temperatures drop to single digits, it’s time to crank up the heaters and radiators.  Yet, doing this can dry out your skin, eyes and sinuses.

The Zaahn Mood Maker - Ultra Chill offers the perfect solution.  Its humidifier setting silently circulates clean air around your home. Compact, discreet and stylish – it effortlessly combats a dry indoor air problem - and could provide some relief from the common cold!

What is a humidifier?

Put simply, a humidifier lets out water vapor or steam into your home to increase the moisture in the air. This helps soothe dry skin and makes the air easier to breathe. 


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